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The rise of online networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook means that a social media presence is now vital in business and without one you are increasingly at risk of being left behind. However, using social media successfully is about more than simply setting up an account, adding a few posts and then forgetting about it – for a social media presence to be effective it has to be developed and managed properly.

Social media can play an important part in your website being found on the web as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is becoming ever more closely linked with these sites, meaning that increasing your presence on Twitter and Facebook will consequently boost your search engine rankings. Search engines love relevant content so by adding to your web presence via these portals and linking back to your own website you are increasing the chances of being found. But just how do you go about developing a successful social media presence? Here is some more about what you can do to establish your business on both Facebook and Twitter:


Twitter is all about developing followers – the more you have the more people are taking notice of the messages you are putting across. The key to attracting and keeping followers is to tweet things that others will find interesting, but a common mistake is to only tweet marketing messages, which will inevitably lead to a lack of interest in your tweets and a consequent loss of followers. Marketing messages have a place as part of a wider strategy, but try and vary things by giving short tips and advice that are relevant to your sector. For example, if you are a dentist try tweeting free tips on how to keep teeth white, or if you are a gardener offer advice on lawn care. This will draw people in and make them more likely to find out more about you and visit your website.


What was once a site used almost exclusively in a social context is rapidly developing into a powerful tool for business. Facebook allows you to build up a far more substantial presence than a Twitter account and presents an extremely cost-effective platform for promoting your business or service. As with Twitter, the key is to keep visitors to your page informed and engaged – by all means tie in your products and services, but don’t simply use Facebook as a platform for bland sales messages. Try posting news or stories related to your business and make interesting and thought-provoking suggestions. The site is incredibly interactive and you should aim to develop a sense of community on your page so that existing and potential customers become a part of your business and feel willing and able to get involved.

At Iris Web Design we keep up to date with the latest developments in the world of social media and all the websites we develop are fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, ensuring that your business will really stand out in the online world.